SSC was able to fund an exciting round of projects for our December 2017 funding cycle! Read below for a preview of sustainable changes soon coming to campus.

Baler for Plastics – Project Conceptualization | $20,000
This project will fund a study for Facilities & Services to begin to acquire a new plastic baler that will allow the University to recycle beyond plastics #1 and #2.

Bevier Hall Occupancy Sensors | $17,500
These funds will purchase occupancy sensors for 25 rooms in Bevier Hall that will allow for more efficient control of the HVAC system. With the sensors, there will no longer be a need to condition unoccupied rooms.

Corncrete | $47,000
This research project seeks to develop a building material from crop residue and corn stalks. If successful, a mobile field station will be built from the material.

Illinois Sustainable Food Project (ISFP) – Pumpkin & Puree Expansion | $139,000
The Illinois Sustainable Food Project, which is working to provide locally-sourced and nutritious food to the UIUC Dining Halls, is looking to expand pumpkin production. These funds will allow the purchase and installation of puree equipment.

Solar Panel Installation at Master Gardener Idea Garden | $56,400
The Idea Garden at the Arboretum does not currently have electricity access, which hinders garden maintenance. The installation of solar panels will allow environmentally friendly electricity in line with the garden’s mission statement.

Sustainable Art and Design Exhibition | $5,000
For this project, students of the School of Art and Design will be organizing an art exhibition for students and the community to answer the question of how artists define sustainability.

Other funded projects include:
Classroom LED Upgrades | $29,500
E2E Paradigm for Food Waste to Biofuel and Biomaterial | $10,000
Freezer Challenge Pilot | $9,900
ISFP – Extrusion Coating Expansion | $248,000
ISFP – Hand Wash Sink Replacement | $10,450
ISFP – Tortilla Expansion | $135,000
Student Sustainable Farm Tractor | $18,250