The Student Sustainability Committee is committed to making a positive and lasting impact toward campus sustainability. In light of this mission, SSC follows a set of funding requirements. The requirements govern in a broader sense what the SSC typically can and cannot fund.


A. General Rules

  1. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to submit requests for funding. Student-led projects require a faculty or staff sponsor in order to have funds awarded.
  2. Funding can only go to university-affiliated projects from students, faculty, staff, and departments.
  3. All SSC projects must make a substantial impact on students. This may be a direct impact or an impact through education and engagement. All SSC funding is 100% from student green fees, so the projects funded by the students must benefit them.
  4. SSC encourages innovation and new technologies – creative projects are encouraged to apply.
  5. Projects over $100k should consider listing project components and priorities in case SSC can partially fund, instead of fully fund, the project.
  6. Unless a type of expense is specifically listed below as having restrictions, SSC can generally fund it. The items referenced below should not be taken as comprehensive list.

B. Things SSC Can Fund, On A Case-By-Case Basis

  1. SSC can fund feasibility studies and design work; however, it must work toward ultimately addressing a sustainability need on campus.
  2. SSC can fund staff positions that are related to improving campus sustainability. Strong preference will be given to proposals receiving matching funding from departments and/or plans for maintaining continuity of the position after the end of the initial grant.
  3. SSC can fund outreach events with a central theme of sustainability, provided their primary audience is the general campus community.
  4. SSC discourages funding requests for food and prizes but will consider proposals on a case by case basis that prove significant reasoning.
  5. SSC can fund repairs and improvements to existing building systems as long as it works toward the goal of improving campus sustainability; however, a preference is shown to projects utilizing new or innovative ideas.
  6. SSC can provide departments with loans for projects with a distinct payback on a case by case base. Loans will require a separate memorandum of understanding between SSC and departmental leadership pledging to repay the award in full and detailing the payback plan.

C. Things SSC Will Not Fund:

  1. SSC will not fund projects with a primary end goal of generating revenue for non-University entities.
  2. SSC will not fund personal lodging, food, beverage, and other travel expenses.
  3. SSC will not fund any travel expenses.
  4. SSC will not fund tuition or other forms of personal financial assistance for students beyond standard student employee wages.